What small businesses should do when they don’t have HR support

Human resource department is one of the most important parts of any company. They make sure that documents, payroll, and overall structure of the company are working at its best. HR support is also there to help in improving the overall well-being of the employees.

Small businesses often have a hard time in managing their HR department. Small companies and startups are just starting their journey and it can’t be blamed if they neglect this vital part of the company. Having your very own HR department can also become costly that’s why some small time companies have no HR support.

But there’s no denying that HR is very important in the development of a company. The safety and dynamic of the work environment relies on this very institution. Here are some tips on how you can maintain a good HR department even though the company is still small.

The internet is your friend

Everything is possible thanks to the internet. Did you know that you can create your very own HR department by using apps and software available on the net? Yes, you read it right. There are tons of apps and software for accounting, transactions, tax calculators, and so on that can help you track of all the documentation and filing needed. When it comes to company management, there are time tracker applications out there who can monitor the amount of work that a certain employee has allotted in a day. These software and apps can help you manage your documents easily while still managing the whole office.

Hire a consultant

A whole team of HR is unnecessary especially when there’s only five or seven in the company. Hire an HR consultant who can guide you through all the bylaws and documentation for your business. You can also hire a freelance accountant who can keep track of the company’s finances. Freelance consultants are cheaper than hiring a regular HR employee. They can also provide specialized HR methodologies that will surely fit your company.

Educate yourself

Still want the DIY approach in office management? Why not take classes in management. There are tons of seminars out there that equip you with the basics of effective business organization. Take the whole office with you so that the whole team will have a clue on maintaining a harmonious work environment in the office.

Hire a third party

This is probably the most efficient suggestion out of the bunch. Hiring an outsource means you will seek help from another company that focuses on HR services. These HR professionals will take on the role of being your HR department – the only difference is that they do not work in your office. This cost-efficient solution will take on the accounting jobs, documentation, and even employee management. This third party can also handle headhunting services which means you no longer have to suffer on hours of surveying profiles and scheduling interviews for future candidates. A third party company can do these things for you. When hiring a third party HR support, remember to figure out your budget first and to see which of these services you will need right away.

Make use of the freelance economy

The advantage of a small company is that it can freely create connections. The freelance economy allows small-time businesses to connect with other small time businesses and professionals who are still building their careers. The freelance economy offers cheaper and more cost-efficient options for those companies who lack HR supports. But of course, remember to also share your very own services to other companies if you truly want to benefit from this type of economy.

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