5 Strategies to Deal With Negative Feedback on Social Media Channels

The popular saying goes something like this, “No matter how much you try you can’t make everybody happy.”  With the emergence of the social media, the relevance of this statement has enhanced even further.

As per a recent research, about 38-40% of the businesses are ready to increase their advertising budget on social media by about 13%. . It has been claimed by the same brand that about 92% of the retail brands use about 2 or more social channels while about 84% of the Fortune 500 companies have their prevalence in Twitter.

So this goes without saying that the social media has grown a lot over the past few years. Businesses have realised the rising need to maintain an active social media presence. But along with it comes the growing need for brands to monitor what the people are saying about them online.

Negative reviews can rattle the best of brands in the world as they can have quite debilitating impacts at times. It is therefore vital to approach pessimistic remarks from customers with a prepared and firm approach.

Below are enlisted some of the essential tips to deal with customer’s negative feedback on social media.

  • Respond as Quickly as Possible – Your social media channel should work closely with the customer service to formulate a strategy in advance so that they do not have to go for a meeting prior to responding. Most of the people, especially disgruntled customers will not tolerate much delay in getting a response. They would expect it on the same day, often within a few hours of the complaint.
  • Face Criticisms and Own up Your Mistakes – The last thing that the customers want from you is to take evasive steps. You should not hide behind excuses and should face your customers head on. Otherwise, it will further aggravate the problem. Rather than passing on the responsibility you should own up to your mistake. Here’s what you can do to deal with the criticism on the social media. These steps include – identifying the complaint, admitting the mistake, apologising for the inconvenience caused to the customers and show your interest to resolve the issue and then go for achieving the goal.
  • Speak like a Human and Show Sincerity and Empathy– A canned corporate response is something that is almost as good as not responding to them. This will surely deteriorate your relationship with the customer. Keep in mind that each response should be personal and individual. You should empathise with the customer and sound in way that assures the customer that you are genuinely trying to solve the problem. Usually the less you write in a response the better for you.
  • Don’t Feed the Trolls and Determine if it’s Worth the Response – Not all negative comments are worth a response and not all critics deserve the attempt to win over. Social media has its own set of trolls. The writ should not extend beyond causing a mild nuisance. While dealing with a troll you should avoid the urge to respond, monitor them and screenshot their comments. Not only that, you should warn them and block them and if they continue to create nuisance you should remove their comments.
  • Try to Make Your Customers Happy and Stay True to Your Brand –You should always make your customers happy. This can be achieved in two main ways – First, by responding them on an immediate basis and then by assuring them that they would get prompt action. No matter what the nature of the complaint is, you should always stay true to your brand. By this, it is meant that you should always follow the plan of action that is already set. Always portray a sense of hope to your customer irrespective of the situation, so that they can feel good. Being evasive can hurt your brand a lot.

The above are some of the strategies with the help of which your company should handle social media marketing. The reason for this becoming so popular is its extensive reach, great engagements and direct interactions – a thing that can only be achieved through social media.

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